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The Travels and the Experiences

Thursday, April 18th, 2019

Traveling in the Far North is a real adventure. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the climatic, geographical and social realities of the area you are traveling to before leaving, to make the most of your trip.

Climate And Geography

We easily forget that the areas are located in completely different climatic zones. Therefore, whatever the season, the temperature is always considerably colder north of the 55th parallel. Remember that within the vast region, the climate and geography vary a lot. Also know that time can change from one moment to another. Always carry with you clothes that will protect you from the weather. In the middle of summer, black flies can be very disturbing. Bring an effective mosquito repellent to protect you. In winter, a down parka and warm boots, gloves and warm mufflers will be essential. Before leaving, always check the current and expected weather conditions during your stay. For the Outdoor Travel Adventures this is a very important matter that you will need to look into now. The essential options are there and therefore you will need to take a proper look at the same now.

Social Realities

Much of region remains untapped and there is not the tourist infrastructure that can be expected in a large city. Even in large communities, it can be difficult to find certain commodities. And when these products are available, expect to pay them a lot more than in the south of the province. On average, food costs far more than in Montreal.

You will not find restaurants or convenience stores 24 hours to satisfy your late night cravings. Most communities have a small hotel where you will stay comfortably. But bring some recipes. You must prepare your own meals in the hotel’s kitchen, which is specially equipped for this purpose.

Once you have decided on your itinerary, we recommend that you establish in advance a contact with a resident of the communities you wish to visit. You will find on the Web a lot of information about the Inuit people, its social structure and customs. Expect to discover a corner of a country and a culture very different from what you know.

During The Flight

Air Inuit flights are operated by means of rigorously maintained aircraft specially adapted to northern conditions. The cabin may, however, be subject to extreme outside temperatures, especially in winter. You may need warm clothing not only for your outdoor expeditions, but also during the flight. And it is always wise to bring one or two extra snacks in case the stores are closed upon arrival. Retailers closing shop earlier than in larger urban centers, you may need a snack to wait until the opening of stores the next day.